Established in 2008, ZRTECH LLC was developed with the idea of providing quality and affordable service in an industry filled with specialists who work with technologies outside of their training scope and companies that provide quick and temporary solutions while charging enterprise level rates to residential and small business owners who cannot afford it.


With over 19 years of professional experience and a decade in business, we have the experience required to provide streamlined and permanent solutions with a wide scope of knowledge in many technologies.


Over 300 jobs and or projects have been performed for customers ranging from residential to enterprise. We have the resume and portfolio to back our ability to provide support in all areas of technology.

"It is our mission to provide enterprise level service to residential, small and medium business owners who could not otherwise afford the solutions they require to maintain their technologies."

With over a decade of service in the local region, we have serviced many local businesses, corporations and plenty of residential customers. Projects and jobs have been performed in many areas including but not limited to the following; wired and wireless, residential, business and enterprise networking design, support, maintenance, security and low voltage wiring ; rack mounted and tower server builds, maintenance, upgrades, servicing and support ; cloud server infrastructure design, hosting, support and integration and migration cloud data migration, data restoration and backup ; surveillance equipment planning, installation, support and management ; desktop, server and mobile computer hardware replacement and upgrade ; mobile device repairs; website template designs, server development, hosting, front-end and back-end coding ; web app and content management systems development, design and user interface and user experience consulting ; desktop and server and networking security consulting, penetration testing and solutions integration ; branding logo design, business card design, flyer design, signage design, social media design, consulting, marketing and optimization ; website, portrait, landscape, business and product photography ; gaming computer, console and mobile equipment consulting, builds, events and networking infrastructure design ; gaming live stream broadcast equipment planning, setup and consulting, gaming live stream template design, branding and social media marketing, etc.

"We envision a future where we develop a trusting relationship between our customers, that allows us to become a respected leader in the future development and support of technology."

We have formed over a dozen partnerships, so that we can have the relationships in place to support your technology with direct manufacturer support. This gives us the opportunity to eliminate retailers and provide cost effective solutions when supplying or replacing your equipment. It also gives us the advantage of supplying direct manufacturer warranties, retailers cannot supply. Most important of all, it provides us higher tier support to communicate project challenges, engineering and request help directly from manufacturer technical support staff and engineers.

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