The purpose of this document is to help educate consumers on how to avoid getting ripped off by an IT support firm or Individual during a technical support request transaction. Its primary focus is on consumers who are household members or small business operators who are looking for dependable IT support without all of the headaches.

In here you will learn how to determine if your support technician or their supporting company is doing a good job or not.

Rating your technician

Whenever the term Technician is used, it is in reference to an ITS (Information Technology Specialist). In layman’s terms, he’s the guy that you get a hold of to fix your technological problems.

The difference between a good Technician and a bad Technician, is a good Technician will educate you on the problems and resolutions to your issues experienced and a bad Technician will fix the problem, avoid discussion and ask you to cough up the money. You know you have a good Technician when he is able to troubleshoot you right off the bat, provide quick answers and quickly provide steps to resolving your technical issues. You know you have a great Technician when he is patient, able to explain his observations, process of execution and treats you as part of the job and not alienate you from the experience.

Trust is a huge issue between consumers and small business Technicians. The often heard reason for this is unreliability or dishonesty.

  • To avoid unreliability, a good Technician will be well organized, have paperwork, time manage effectively and stay on top of communications regarding updates on the customers job being performed.
  • To avoid dishonesty, a good Technician will spend the time needed in order to educate the customer on the process of resolving their technical issues and describe clearly the steps that will be taken in order to commence and complete the job.
  • To also avoid dishonesty, a good Technician must spend the time describing the cost of executing the job, so that the customer may be clearly aware of an expense budget to apply toward their job.

Unfortunately, what we’re describing here is a rare technician, but fortunately enough, these are the kinds of technicians we foster as a company in ZRTECH.